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Shining a Light

Well, I’ve been scrapping with the atheist again. It just seems this atheist thing keeps coming back like a bad penny. I know, I know I could just avoid all of that if I just stayed off of that discussion site. I thought of that. Then something else comes up from another source and I can’t get around the fact that God just might want me talking to them right now. So I turn on the media player and listen to “Windmills of Your mind “ to get in the mood and then go talk to the atheists. I am sure, though, that my blog readers might start thinking…is she always going to write about the atheists? No, but they are just giving me so much material right now.

They are a trip though. I was having a discussion with one person where I was asserting that atheists have faith in some things. We went round and round. “whatever, do you mean? define faith” . So I define faith by it’s most generic definition and he would still not use the word concerning himself. He kept using the word trust whi…

Chasing Andromeda

I was tracking the numbers on my very first blog. My friend Google does that for me. There were 47 views, 43 in the United States, 2 in Serbia, 1 in Russia and 1 in Germany. Go blog! Of course I figure that I have a big 6 or 7 regular followers. I guess you can’t have regular followers for a blog that you have only written one entry for. Maybe I should say I probably have 6 or 7 people willing to come back and read another. Consider the fact, though, that I have a mom, a sister, 2 brothers, 6 children, 4 son/daughter-in-laws, 3 brother/sister-in-laws, a soon to be sister-in-law, and 12 nieces/nephews some with spouses/significant others. I won’t even enumerate cousins, parents of in-laws, siblings of in-laws and their children but you get the idea. I’m not counting my 23 grandchildren and 11 grandnieces/nephews with one on the way since some of them can’t read anyway. If the ones who can read were on the computer reading my blog I would probably tell them to go out and play.…

The Trouble with Evidence

The Trouble with Evidence

I am a cradle Catholic. I was baptized as an infant, confirmed and sufficiently catechized. Having been born on the cusp of Vatican II, I can still remember the Latin Mass and the communion rail but the majority of my Catholic experience occurred after the Vatican II liturgical changes. When they came out with the new missal a year and a half ago it took me a couple of months to stop responding “And also with…uh…your spirit”. (Insider reference, Catholics know exactly what I’m saying. Top Gun high five if it took you less than six months to get it right) . Trust me, though, I am far from an indoctrinated Stepford Catholic. Call my mom, she’ll tell you. Better yet, call my younger sister and she will probably give you an earful of my firstborn, alpha you-can’t-tell-me-what-to-do-but-guess-what-I-can-certainly-tell-you-what-to-do behavior. I am what the child behavior books call a strong willed child. It could also be because I was a child of the 60’s and 70…