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Faith and Works - Showing Up Catholic Episode 19

Showing Up Catholic Episode 19
Faith and Works
October 7th, 2016
Do Catholics have a works mentality? Do they think that you can earn salvation and eternal life just by doing good works? Does the Church teach salvation by works? That is what Vickie is talking about in this episode. Looking to the Catechism, the Bible and some words of the Saints  we examine these questions,  the truth about what the Church teaches and how it applies in the life of a Catholic.

Fullness of Relationship - Showing Up Catholic Episode 18

Showing Up Catholic Ep. 18“Fullness of Relationship”
August 3, 2016
People often talk about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Does “personal relationship” truly describe the fullness of relationship available in Christ? Vickie talks about a life in Christ lived in the Catholic Church. Through baptism we can be assured and confident of our access to this fullness of relationship.