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A Pascalesque Wager

Everybody’s talking at me, jive talking, telling me lies. A ball of confusion, that's what the world is today, full of sound and fury signifying nothing. Ok, somebody has got to give me some props for that one. I don’t know if you noticed but I managed to quote three songs and Shakespeare in my first two sentences. Of course, a lot of the youngsters might not recognize the lyrics of Nilssen, The Bee Gees and The Temptations. My witty banter aside the point is baby, baby it’s a wild world and a lot of nice things turn bad out there but just remember there's a lot of bad and beware.

As may be apparent by some of my most recent posts, I have been quite distressed by what seems to be an overly harsh, and often defamatory, critical view of our Pope. So a-Googling I went over the last couple of days and I have come across evidence of many, who consider themselves good Catholics, that advocate not only criticism, but resistance and disobedience, to our dear Holy Father. They quo…

One In Persona Christi

I am so tired of all this Pope stuff. Not our Pope himself, that man has my total, unreserved, unequivocal support. Because he is good? Because he is wise? Because I think he is a great leader? Because I think that he will take this Church to were it is supposed to be? Because I am in denial and have blind faith and obedience to a man who some believe at the very least cannot keep his foot out of his mouth or at the worst speaks error and heresy? No. Because it is what Jesus prayed for, it is what Jesus wants. If Jesus wants it we can know the Father wants it. If the Father and Jesus want it than the Holy Spirit works for it and I will assent to it, I will say Amen.

What I am tired of is what we are doing to our Pope and to the Mystical Body of Christ by refusing to be united to him. Because it is only in unity that we ARE the Mystical Body of Christ. Our Pope, our Magisterium, our clergy are in persona christi capitis, (The person of Christ the Head). We are persona christi co…