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My Guest Blog on Patheos

I have written a guest blog for Steel Magnificat on Patheos

My Pro-Life Paradigm Shift

Talking a little about Fr. Pavone and talking about being pro-life

"My idea of the dignity of the person has become much broader because of this."

Faith and Works - Showing Up Catholic Episode 19

Showing Up Catholic Episode 19
Faith and Works
October 7th, 2016
Do Catholics have a works mentality? Do they think that you can earn salvation and eternal life just by doing good works? Does the Church teach salvation by works? That is what Vickie is talking about in this episode. Looking to the Catechism, the Bible and some words of the Saints  we examine these questions,  the truth about what the Church teaches and how it applies in the life of a Catholic.

Fullness of Relationship - Showing Up Catholic Episode 18

Showing Up Catholic Ep. 18“Fullness of Relationship”
August 3, 2016
People often talk about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Does “personal relationship” truly describe the fullness of relationship available in Christ? Vickie talks about a life in Christ lived in the Catholic Church. Through baptism we can be assured and confident of our access to this fullness of relationship.

Scripture Alone? - Showing Up Catholic Episode 17

Here is a link to my latest episode of Showing Up Catholic for the Vericast Network

Showing Up Catholic Ep. 17“Scripture Alone?”
July 14, 2016
Is scripture alone sufficient as a rule of faith? Protestants think so. Debates often pit scripture against tradition. The Catholic Church teaches the unity of scripture and tradition. In this episode we discuss how we can remain confident in the Churches teachings. Oral tradition, written tradition, and the authority of the Church assures us of the authenticity and correctness of a teaching far more precisely and reliably  than an individual interpretation of scripture alone
If you want to catch up on any past episodes of Showing Up Catholic that you may have missed.

Hearts on Fire - Showing Up Catholic Episode 14

Here is the newest episode of Showing Up Catholic on the Vericast Network.

Showing Up Catholic Ep. 14“Hearts On Fire”
April 28, 2016
This episode is all about heart. Do we have hearts that are on fire with the love of Christ? With some help from St. Ignatius and Pope Pius XII we talk about uniting our hearts to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. With hearts on fire we then go forth to set the world on fire for the greater glory of God and the salvation of humanity.

Showing Up Catholic

Here are some episodes of "Showing Up Catholic" on the Vericast Network that you may have missed.

Showing Up Catholic Ep. 11
“I’ve Been Through The Desert”
March 9, 2016
Spiritual dryness, times of testing, suffering and hardship. These are often described as desert experiences. Lent is a time in the desert as well. In this episode Vickie talks about spiritual benefits that can come from our times in the desert if we are willing to lift our heads and look beyond hardship. Showing Up Catholic Ep. 10“Sharing in Christ’s Suffering”
February 26, 2016 Do Catholics have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Most definitely. We encounter him in many ways. During Lent we demonstrate that relationship by compassionately and gratefully contemplating his suffering for our sake. We join him in his suffering to share in the redemptive work of the Cross. In this episode Vickie gives a perspective on sharing in Ch…

Showing Up Catholic Episode 9 - Mercy and Reconciliation

My latest episode of "Showing Up Catholic" for the Vericast Network

"Mercy and Reconciliation"
During Lent we contemplate the mystery of the Cross and the Resurrection. Mercy is an essential component of that mystery. Mercy is at the core and center of the Gospel message. In this episode, Vickie examines what our most recent Popes have said about mercy. She discusses as well the Sacrament of Reconciliation as a means to experiencing God's mercy.Watch it here

Oh Lord Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

From my other blog "A Catholic Mind - For What It's Worth

From the very first day that he stepped out on the balcony of St Peter's, there have been those who have been horrified at Pope Francis. As a matter of fact, a blog headline on that first day of his pontificate read "The Horror". Even though the only actions the Pope had taken, as the Pope, at that time was that he wanted to dress and live simply, he waved and he asked for prayer. Even so, from that day to this, for nearly three years many have done whatever they can to prove that Pope Francis is not the man for the job. Every breath he takes, every move he makes, every single day and every word he says, they've been watching him. Watching for every misstep, watching for every misspoken word or mistranslation, watching for every analogy that might not hold up. Scrutinizing every  homily for the most minuscule perception of inconsistency. Then using those perceived inconsistencies to prove that Pope Fr…