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Doctor My Eyes Have Seen The Sweet Little Lies

Do you ever feel like the world has gone off its meds and is just listening to the voices in its head?

A pro-abortion blogger writes that abortion is a moral high ground, a sacred gift and assisting God. Another woman films her abortion to show everybody that it’s not so bad. Another article promoted abortion as a solution for infant mortality rates. Basically, kill them before they die to avoid the grief caused by their natural deaths. The UN was trying to force the Catholic Church to change its doctrines by saying that those doctrines constitute or promote torture. Harvard students thought that a Black Mass was a harmless cultural event. A child friendly statue of Satan has been commissioned with the intention of getting it erected in front of the state house in Oklahoma City. Campus police remove students, who were peacefully promoting marriage as between a man and a woman, from the campus of… Notre Dame. It seems that is acceptable to give children, as young as nine, hormones to de…

What Are We Gonna Do About That Black Mass?

Woe to the world because of things that cause sin! Such things must come, but woe to the one through whom they come!” Matt 18:7

Some of you may not follow the Catholic internet media or follow the blogs. One of the big stories over the past week is that a student group from Harvard University was to host a Black Mass “reenactment” performed by the members of the Satanic Temple this past Monday. I suppose that to write about it the following Wednesday makes me a Johnny come lately, a couple of days late and a couple of dollars short. Then to ask what we are going to do about it after we have already done it just seems ridiculous. Well, all I can say is wait for it, because there is relevance for us as Catholics even after the fact. We may have successfully come against that Black Mass, but I think that we are being called to something beyond a particular event. We are being called to a continuing task. It seems to me that there is some significance in the fact that this event was sched…