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Kick the Catholic Drama to the Curb

A blog I wrote for Vericast.

On a recent Tim Haines show, Parading Mistruth, Tim discussed some of the controversy that surrounded the St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York and Boston.  One thing that controversies like this manage to do, is generate lots of drama. Catholics seem to be just as susceptible to drama as anyone else. The thing is, often we find ourselves debating the drama and not the real issues.  We debate whether or not Cardinal Dolan gave an order for the police to give a faithful Catholic the bum’s rush. We then prove it with frame by frame video evidence. We accuse one person of employing a goon squad of thugs, yet will willing gather in mobs of our own. Gang banging across the internet, seemingly unaware that there is a difference and a line between making our voice heard and harassment tactics. We attempt to take by force what may instead be taken by grace. We resort to discrediting reputations rather than clarifying issues.  It is not only within this particular ev…