Turning the Tide - Upholding the Staff

Another post in my Turning the Tide series for Vericast.

When I chose the title Turning the Tide for my series this was the scripture that I was thinking about. The term itself does not appear in the scripture, but it’s what happened. When Moses held up the staff the tide of battle turned in favor of the Israelites. When Moses lowered his hands the tide of battle turned in favor of the enemy. Often it feels like we are on the battlefield battling our little hearts out and that the enemy is having the better of the fight. It seems that our government is bit by bit hemming us in so that we can no longer live, proclaim and share our faith. It seems like evil can boldly show its face and no one blinks an eye. Within the Church it seems that we are at odds with each other. It seems that many are at odds with the clergy and the magisterium. Both faithful and clergy are, at times, at odds with Church teaching.  It does not seem that we have the better of the fight. The fight seems to have the better of us. Read More


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